Mailboxes are on the side facing the sports halls

Here you can find everything about the sports club and your options on how you can be part of it! Here you will not merely be able to sign up as a member, but also find out more about the various departments they offer including information on training sessions, fees, work schedules and much more! After all, it is here where our offices are located. Once inside the building, simply follow the hallway along until you get to the mailboxes. The entrance is on the side facing the sports halls. Opening hours may be subject to change due to planned or unplanned closures.

This resource aimed at supporting and managing a sports club provides key information regarding the club itself and its departments, membership, membership fees, training schedules, etc. The following is an overview of some of the available resources provided by the resource: Spend a fruitful day in our sports club and we look forward to you making an active use of the many activities we have to offer.


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